China's Embattled Huawei Insists It Only Wants a Fair Fight, Not Fear and Politics

Chinese tech company Huawei can meet U.S. standards for cybersecurity, but it wants fair rules rather than a ban based on fear and politics, says Andy Purdy, chief security officer at Huawei Technologies USA.Huawei, which has its U.S. headquarters in Plano, makes equipment that spans the world of technology, from antennas and network equipment to mobile phones, laptops and smart watches. It sold more smartphones than Apple last year. Yet until recently, its name drew blank stares from many Americans.“They recognize the name now,” Purdy said.Huawei’s newfound fame is encased in suspicion and scorn as a result of its high-profile dispute with U.S. lawmakers and the Trump administration. American officials have sought to ban the use of Huawei’s telecommunications equipment in the buildout of 5G, a next-generation wireless network expected to bring faster mobile phone service, support a growing number of connected devices and enable emerging technology like self-driving cars. They say Huawei could jeopardize the security of the network and use it to spy for the Chinese government.  Continue reading...

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