Can Amber Guyger Get a Fair Murder Trial in Dallas for the Shooting of Botham Jean?

Amber Guyger’s murder trial is set for September, a year after she shot Botham Jean to death in his Dallas apartment.But will the jury deciding the former police officer's fate be seated in Dallas or some other Texas county?State District Judge Tammy Kemp issued a gag order to stop the attorneys involved in the criminal case from speaking about the case outside the courtroom. But news coverage has persisted ever since Guyger shot Jean on Sept. 6. Guyger, who was off-duty but still in uniform, said she confused his apartment for her own and thought he was a burglar.As the trial approaches, Dallas attorneys say, the defense will likely file a motion asking the judge for a change of venue, saying Guyger can’t have a fair trial in Dallas. It’s not about whether potential jurors have heard details of the case. It’s whether they already have an opinion about her guilt or innocence.There's been no shortage of news this year to sway potential jurors one way or the other:  Continue reading...

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