Bill Maher Fires Zingers at Donald Trump in a Sold-out Show in Dallas

When it comes to comedy, Bill Maher is not everyone's cup of punchline. He's audaciously liberal, proudly atheistic and thinks our current president is a dangerous, reckless buffoon.And yet, Maher's way of dealing with such right-wing provocateurs as Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos is to book them on his HBO show. He is also not one bit shy about calling out liberals, especially for what he contends is their toxic political correctness.This much is indisputable: Maher has a huge national following, as he has shown twice this year at Fair Park Music Hall. On Jan. 22, he failed to show for a sold-out appearance because of mechanical difficulties with his plane.The crowd, many of whom had driven for hours to get there, walked away disappointed.  Continue reading...

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