Betsy DeVos’ Educational Marketplace Concept Is Absurd

The US Secretary of Education has vowed in speeches, in writings and in millions of dollars of campaign contributions to destroy America's public schools. The public's schools.This is not an accusation; it is her source of pride. Betsy DeVos wants to create a "market" of "choice" in which schools are no longer public goods, democratically governed of, by, and for the people and their children, but instead, private organizations funded by our tax dollars but not governed by us, the public. Her stated "long game" is to use tax dollars to fund religious schools, specifically Christian schools. As a stepping stone to that goal, she advocates that tax dollars in the form of "vouchers" be shifted from the public's schools to private schools and charter companies. She calls this "choice," putting children and their education out for bid.  Continue reading...

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