Best Places to Drink Tequila in Dallas, Irving's Gondola Rides and More From Curious Texas This Week

Happy Friday, Curious Texans! Summer is around the corner, so we've gathered our top 10 sunniest Curious Texas answers to get you through the Texas heat.1. Where are the best places to drink tequila and mezcal in the Dallas area? The U.S. drinks twice as much tequila as Mexico, and Texas is its second-largest market. In short: Tequila is easy to find here. Mezcal, its smokier ancestor, is less so -- but that's changing. 2. Is there really an underground mall in downtown Dallas? The short answer is yes, there are tunnels. And there's a reason why you probably don't know about them. 3. Why are allergies in Dallas-Fort Worth so bad? As summer approaches in D-FW, the time for sun, swimsuits and insufferable allergies has come. Runny noses and watery eyes will soon plague Texans, and while some complain, others are curious about the cause. 4. Are there really gondola rides in Irving? Greg Mohr, owner of Gondola Adventures, who goes by the nickname Gondola Greg, flew to Venice and learned how to become a gondolier, then joined a competitive gondola team in the U.S. 5. Are those really 12 stone coffins in a Dallas park? The mystery is in the fountain area at Main Street Garden Park. There are 12 large stones planted on the ground, randomly dispersed in the same direction as if they're floating down a river. 6. Is there only one natural lake in Texas? Long before man-made lakes started popping up all over, there was Caddo Lake -- the state's lone natural lake, which straddles Texas and Louisiana. But there's a catch: Caddo Lake is not as natural as it once was. 7. What's the history behind Plano's Texas Pool? The pool nearly closed for good in 2008 due to a lack of funds and a steep decline in membership, The Dallas Morning News reported in 2015. At the time, the pool only had 50 members. At its heyday, it had 325. 8. What part of Texas has the coolest summers? Texas summers can be brutal. High temperatures can reach the 100s for days, and humidity can make the heat index feel even worse. But summers aren't terrible in all Texas cities. Some areas of the Lone Star State have cooler summers than others -- albeit not by much. 9. Can I use public transit to tour Dallas-Fort Worth hot spots? We mapped out a schedule that was accessible. Tourist destinations like Southfork Ranch or The Star in Frisco aren't included, as they are not on the public transit grid. 10. Where have more than 100 of Dallas' Pegasus statues gone? For those who grew up in Dallas, Pegasus has long been our beacon, our emotional bond to the city we know as home, a link to the memories of a bygone era. Pegasus is our Gateway Arch, our Statue of Liberty.  Continue reading...

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