Attacks on Fasting Lawmaker Hint at Fiery Debate Expected for ‘sanctuary Cities' Bill

AUSTIN — When Dallas Democrat Victoria Neave decided to fast in protest of the so-called sanctuary cities bill, she didn't expect messages from people like "@TruckinAltRight," who tweeted: "Hopefully you'll starve to death and your body will be deported." At the same time, Neave knew what she was getting into. The controversial bill is expected to draw fiery rhetoric from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle Wednesday when the House takes up the proposal. The bill would ban cities, counties and universities from adopting policies that prevent local law enforcement agencies from asking about a person's immigration status or enforcing immigration law. Supporters say local entities should turn over unauthorized immigrants in their custody because they can commit more serious crimes after they're released. But critics say the ban would endanger public safety by creating a rift between immigrants and local law enforcement, which would lead to less reporting of crimes.   Continue reading...

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