Are Parts of Dallas-Fort Worth Magnets for Hailstorms? Curious Texas Investigates

Hail comes in all shapes and sizes, from as tiny as a BB gun pellet to as large as a softball, and it can create some serious problems, from dings on cars to significant roof damage.Often hail can rain down with little to no warning, which was the case early Thursday for residents of Haslet, where a line of storms swept through the area north of Fort Worth, producing hail up to 1.3 inches in diameter, according to KXAS-TV (NBC5).A Dallas Morning News reader wanted to know if certain areas of Dallas-Fort Worth more prone to hailstorms than others? So the reader asked Curious Texas, an ongoing project from The Dallas Morning News that invites you to join in our reporting process. The idea is simple: You have questions, and our journalists are trained to track down answers.You can send us your Curious Texas questions by texting "DMN" to 214-817-3868. Follow the prompts and introduce yourself to us, share your story or questions, and we'll text you with information as we report the story.  Continue reading...

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