An Officer Friend Texted Me After the Shooting a Phrase That Describes Us All: Low Sick

I'm normally good with words. As a preacher, I should be.Words for almost any occasion, usually it's easy for me to put words to things. Normally, it's not hard at all for me to find just the right rhythms and cadences, the right voice, the right mood. Pathos and logos are easy for me, it's my thing.Rarely at a loss for words, today though, suddenly I am: upon news of another death of another of our police officers. Today, I just don't know what to say, writing yet again for The Dallas Morning News, yet again about senseless death, a subject for which I've used all the words I know.But still words must be used, so many of them the same. Whoever will preach, whoever eulogizes the dead, will undoubtedly use them. Valor, duty, honor, sacrifice: these are the words we'll use to pay respect to the fallen, and rightly so, words meant to redeem the damned senselessness of it. Beautiful words, true only for them.  Continue reading...

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