America, We Must Address an Imminent Threat of Civil Insurrection: The School Carpool Line

In an America filled with tension, fear, violence, mistrust and risk of imminent civil insurrection, when something triggers such abhorrent behavor, especially around our children, we must address the problem with all the seriousness it deserves. Right now -- this very week -- is the time to address one such issue.I am talking, of course, about the carpool lane at your local school.For those of you who are unsure of what I am referring to, you clearly either do not have children, or you had them in an era when entering and exiting a school was primarily a task left to the children themselves. Perhaps you, like me, have hazy recollections of being among a crowd of kids, propelled by our own happy feet, cheerfully carrying our reading, writing and 'rithmetic books, pausing only to let Norman Rockwell paint us as we strolled along.Times have changed. And to give you, the uninitiated, a sense of what it is like, I would like to play for you a recording of an anonymous actual driver trying to navigate traffic at a local school recently. I would like to, but I cannot, because this is a family newspaper, and you won't believe what gets yelled while I am stuck in that mess.  Continue reading...

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