We're Tired of The Jonas Brothers

We could leave the Jonas Brothers well enough alone. It's just that the peach-fuzzy popsters and their supervisory constituents are squandering the power adoring tween girls first bestowed on them by -- to put it nicely -- failing to challenge their fans, deciding instead to revel in their ambiguous fame.

As hitmakers Nick, Kevin and Joe have oversaturated the Internet and magazines and Disney merch, they've also invaded DFW, securing a Westlake home that boosts a connection to the area already introduced to enthusiasts as Nick's birthplace. Pink thigh-high socks at Victoria's Secret now come second to the main reason for painted-up 13-year-old girls to drag their moms to Southlake Town Center. The thrill of having the Grammy-nominated Jonas Brothers in our midst is just so convenient.

Thing is, you'd think the group would refocus after becoming the youngest band to ever grace a Rolling Stone cover. They were on the front of the magazine again in recent weeks, and nothing has demonstrably changed since last year. The popsters claim to want credibility, with Nick going on about Elvis Costello and the band reportedly springing tunes by Tom Petty and The Band on their teeny-bopper concert crowds. But when you've got a member referencing his country star ex-girlfriend's song title in a breakup kiss-off tune and another member milking rumors of his romance with the opening act by sharing a duet with her onstage, well, good luck.

The Jonas Brothers' raw talent is something to appreciate. But there's a lot of raw talent in their circle. In fact, a close colleague of the band made our Interesting list, and her young career looks strikingly like the Jonas Brothers' on paper. But as she's given the same opportunities afforded to the boy band, we believe she will shoot higher.

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