We're Tired of Avi Adelman

Once a concerned citizen, Avi "Barking Dog" Adelman has become the "Grinch that stole Greenville Ave."

His obsession over capturing and broadcasting every drunk arrest, petty theft, and possible gang activity shows a true concern for his neighbors and neighborhood, but it's simply too much. We have no doubt Adelman's intentions are good, but the way he deals with the problems in the area are vindictive rather than protective.

As the "barking dog" for the residential streets in Lower Greenville, he's championed the rise of Resident Parking Only zones in the area to keep people from using the streets he lives on as a parking lot. While that's a fair goal to keep the unique balance between homes and hang-outs, Avelman's website, Internet comments, and video productions don't seem nearly as noble.

On his website, he has no problem listing the bars and clubs he's helped shut down and seems even pleased to have more on his "upcoming closures" lists.On YouTube, Adelman's captured many arrests not for public scrutiny, but for public embarrassment of the suspect. He has no problem asserting that the people in his videos are "gang-bangers" and "human garbage" being "cleaned up" from the area -- all these comments from someone who wants to protect his home.

If we were in his shoes, we'd want to bark as loudly as he does -- but after years of barking, it's time for Adelman's muzzle to arrive.

Editor's Note: For the record, we'd nominated Adelman to our "tired of" list far before his recent comments about this very feature, just in case anyone is keeping score.

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