Dallas Zoo Preps for Elephant Appreciation Day

Zoo raffle offers chance to win artwork painted by zoo's elephants

For every day for 25 years, Jenny the elephant meets new friends, is fed multiple times and basks in the sun.

Now the Dallas Zoo is planning to celebrate her and her zoo mates as part of its second annual Elephant Appreciation Day on Sept. 22.

"These elephants are serving as ambassadors to their wild counterparts," said Angel Williams, the elephant keeper.

In return, the pachyderms are unveiling some of their hidden talents.

Jenny uses her trunk to paint a 16-by-20 canvas. One of her masterpieces will be one of three paintings done by her and her partners.

For only $2, visitors can enter a raffle to win one of the paintings on Elephant Appreciation Day.

The proceeds will go to elephant conservation and research.

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