Dallas' Quesa-D-Ya's Fighting Pizza Head On

Restaurants are getting killed in the recession and hotspots that were once booming are now closing their doors, including 60 in Dallas in 2008.  In their places are cheaper alternatives, like Lower Greenville's Quesa-D-Ya's.

Quesa-D-Ya's is fresh, fast and frankly, cheap.

"Its very cheap. With the economy today, everyone's looking for a cheap place where you can get lots of food," said Janie Lopez, Quesa-D-Ya's customer. "So, it's a really great deal. You can't beat it

For just over $14 you can feed a family of four with a large quesadilla. They throw in free chips and salsa as well as free delivery.

"It's definitely a meal," said Paul Oltmann, with Quesa-D-Ya's. "That's one of the things we're trying to do is be that budget-conscious choice for the consumer right now."

Oltmann is taking on his main competiton, pizza restaurants, head on.  On the Quesa-D-Ya's Web site they list price comparisons and show customers how they can fill up for less when they aren't charged for extra fillings.

"That's one of the frustrating things about ordering a pizza is that ... in the end it turns out as $16. So we start at a price point that is comfortable for everyone and you build it as you please," said Oltmann.

Quesa-D-Ya's is hoping the WYSIWYG prices will grab the consumer and that the fresh taste will make the restaurant the must-go-to spot of 2009.

Quesa-D-Ya's is located at 2820 Greenville Avenue in Dallas. For contact information or to place an order, visit their Web site Quesa-D-Yas.com.

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