Dallas Goes Goo Goo for Gaga

Outside the American Airlines Center, braving possible severe weather and the glare of those giant TV screens, dozens of Lady Gaga's "little monsters" waited.

The tickets were already sold out for Tuesday night's show before any of them got in line outside the venue. They were there for something more.

"We wanted to be in the front, closest to Gaga," said Kayla Bullard of Fort Worth. "We wanted to, you know, experience it from the front. We did it last time, and it was amazing."

That front-row experience -- the "monster pit," as it's called -- only goes to fans who've been waiting in line the longest.

Some camped out overnight; others were in costume as they counted down to the singer's sold out show.

Connecting with the star is something most "monsters" find so appealing. Fans in many cities on her latest tour have endured the same wait to be closer to the pop star.

"Hopefully I get to meet Lady Gaga," said Sonia Leslie, who traveled from Louisiana to see the show. "Maybe she will invite me backstage."

They'll have to wait a little longer, though. Fans will find out if they've snagged those passes later Tuesday afternoon.

If you're over 21, you might also get to catch a glimpse of Gaga at The Round-Up Saloon on Cedar Springs. The bar posted on their Facebook page Tuesday afternoon that Gaga confirmed she'd be stopping by after her show.

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