Cool Down with a Sweet Sammie

Ice cream sandwiches made to order

Those serious about their sweet tooth and looking for a cool treat in Fort Worth need look no further than Sweet Sammies.

“A Sweet Sammie is our signature treat. It’s a handmade ice cream sandwich,” said Dan Close whose family started the business in March of 2010.

You have your choice of ice cream between two cookies. They can be the same or different. You pick.

“I love it. My favorite is the chocolate coconut cookie. That’s my favorite, but they are all really good,” said customer Gennell Jones.

It’s a simple idea with countless possibilities.

“I like how you get to pick your own aspect of it. How you get to pick your own ice cream and your own cookies so it’s completely unique to the person,” said customer Sara Shannon.

They’re 16 kinds of cookies and just as many flavors of ice cream, together they make the ultimate sugar cookie.

“It’s cheap and it’s delicious and you can’t get much better than an ice cream sandwich,” said Cade McCloud.

A ‘Sweet Sammie’ is $2.65 and a single cookie is 65 cents.

“I think it’s really original and really affordable and it’s wonderful and we come here all the time and we love it,” said Jones.

Close, his wife and grown son are business people from California who grew tired of the mortgage industry.

“Something people want to come into with a smile on their face that we weren’t dragging them into, weren’t selling them something they had to have, but something they wanted to have,” said Close.

Building the business was a lot like the sandwiches, some assembly was required.

“So, we decided this is something we would try and I got together with my mom and we would bake cookies for several months, using all her recipes, improving them so they would work nice for an ice cream sandwich, but also to still be desirable to eat as a cookie,” said Close.

The shop bakes just over 1,000 cookies a day.

It didn’t take long for people to find them off of West 7th in Fort Worth.

“At least 30-40 percent of our customers that walk in the door everyday are new and have been sent here by somebody else,” said Close.

Sweet Sammies also takes party orders.

“We usually do several orders a week now and a lot of times on Fridays and Saturdays, if you haven’t reserved the freezer a few weeks ahead of time it’s too late,” said Close.

Sweet Sammies
825 Currie Street
Fort Worth, TX
(817) 332-0022 ‎

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