Alice Barr

Cleveland Indians Drop Controversial Logo, Sparking Discussion at Keller HS

The Cleveland Indians are saying goodbye to their controversial team logo Chief Wahoo.

The Indians have used the caricature since the 1940s. But the team announced on Monday it will remove the image from team jerseys and hats starting with the 2019 season. The Major League Baseball commissioner said it was no longer appropriate.

Keller High School's mascot has been the focus of a similar debate. The Society of Native Nations is pushing the Keller school board to drop "Indians" as the school's mascot.

Critics argue that using symbols and traditional clothing from their culture out of context is disrespectful.

They say it's an issue of race and respect.

"It's unfortunate that there are only so many Native Americans left on this continent," said Yolanda Blue Horse of the Society of Native Nations. "We don't have much of a voice. But if it was anything else, any other race, that same race would be up in arms."

Keller has used the Indians mascot for 75 years. Supporters say it was intended to honor the area's Native American history.

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