Charter Cable to Require Digital Set-Top Boxes

Charter Cable plans to upgrade their system to an all-digital delivery method in Fort Worth and the surrounding communities this month.

Customers who do not have a digital set-top box that connects to their television will not be able to use the cable service directly from the wall plug.

Charter customers that already have set-top boxes will not need to upgrade.

The cable company says the $40 million digital upgrade will more than double the amount of high definition channels offered and provide other benefits.

"You have much more programming to choose from," Charter spokesman Brian Anderson said. "Second benefit is all-digital, you're gonna have a much clearer picture and everyone wants to have a better image when you're watching your television set."

Each television using the service will need its own set-top box, according to the company. Customers can request the boxes from Charter online or by phone.

After the first year of service, most costumers will be charged a monthly fee for the boxes.

The company says they believe the improved service will be worth the cost.

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