Cabs Strike Out for New Year's

Dallas taxis to be unavailable tonight

by Bruce Felps

Man, nothing like ingratiating yourselves to the general public and wooing its support by refusing to provide the service it needs when it needs it most.

Dallas cab drivers who are members of the Association of Taxicab Operators plan a boycott for tonight in protest of the city initiative that allows compressed natural gas-powered vehicles to queue up first for fares out of Love Field.

In other words, good luck finding a taxi tonight when you leave the bar or party.

The organization — which represents independent taxi drivers, so bigger companies such as Yellow Cab or Cowboy Cab will be working tonight — sent out a missive explaining its reasons, demands, and proposed compromise to the Love Field situation, and blah de-blah blah. (Read more of their statement posted here)

City officials, as recorded over at Unfair Park, said “not a worry, we got your back,” or words to that effect. The city pulled together a contingency plan, overseen by the Department of Aviation, that calls for “handing out an information sheet to patrons, grouping patrons with common destination areas, and coordinating with shared ride and limo operators as well as car rental operators.”

Somehow that sounds like it takes care of ground transportation at the little airport and nowhere else, man.

Bottom line here is that it looks like taxi service will be out there, only spotty and with longer wait times than usual.

Plan accordingly.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He’s not worried about cab service tonight. He’s taking the DART light rail to the Stars game.

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