Buy Indie Wednesday: French Twist

Of all the local pretty lines, the fanciest is Madeline

Must there be a divide between a youthful wardrobe and a sophisticated look? Denton designer Rachel Nichelson makes the two meet happily with her whimsical line, Madeline Wood. The delicately tailored tops, skirts, and dresses would make a fine closet for a grown-up version of the beloved French schoolgirl Madeline, if she's kept her agile imagination and playful pace.

Nichelson's work is gaining exposure for the same quality. Her elegant cap-sleeved tops in warm prints stood out to us on the racks at Austin's expanded Parts and Labour recently for their timelessness. We checked in with the designer for an update, and she shared some hints on what we can expect from the next wave of Madeline Wood: super wearable hand-dyed dresses, made with organics when possible. Here are our ready-to-buy picks:

The deal: Light Gray and Mauve High Waist Skirt, $35. This find from Madeline Wood's Etsy sample/backstock shop hardly seems like leftovers. With playful pleats and a long hemline, it would look classy with a simple white tank top.

The splurge: Caramel Lace Shirttail Dress (Mary dress), $130. Victorian glamour is made easy with this piece, which offers room for a spirited romantic stroll -- go ahead, break into a run! -- in its flowy silhouette. There's just enough chocolate lace in the collar to bypass any cleavage issues, a matter our Madeline would have no time to worry over. Lovely. Find this dress at Make if you're in Bishop Arts, but keep in mind that the shop is only open on Saturdays until September 2.

P.S.: We've included a sneak peek of the newest Madeline Wood pieces, which hit the Fashion Industry Gallery last week for prospective retailers. Check here for updates on where to find Madeline Wood in stores.

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