Buy Indie Wednesday: Crafty Cubicles

Color your office space with Jane Joss' plants -- they won't die

Is the mood at work killing your desk fern? Take five with a coworker to make your own arrangements using Jane Joss' mix-and-match fabric leaves in funky jewel-toned patterns and some colors that do occur in nature. Sisters-in-law Alyssa and Joslyn Krismer also make cheery faux plants that could put Secretary's Day back on the calendar.

Our picks from the shop:

The deal: Sweet Leaves petal pink fabric twigs, $13.50. This Amy Butler decorator fabric would help update the cube with the cuddly kitten calendar without compromising the scheme's softness.

The splurge: Sweet Potted Plant in Sunny Citrus, $45. Still less pricey than some special occasion floral arrangements, this full head of leaves is for the friend who's left to slave away at her desk while her superiors take turns vacationing at St. Tropez. See this Sweet Little Fabric Potted Plant for a seabreeze color scheme.

P.S.: From human resources: We've spent hours searching nerdy sites like Stuff White People Like for ideas on how to make a liveable workspace. That behavior is symptomatic of time management problems. Check out to learn how to better pull off the work/life balance.

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