Brushing Up The Environment

Dr. Brody Hildebrand, owner of Pure Dental in Dallas' Mockingbird Station, took a financial hit on the front end, to please mother earth.

"We recoup that down the road. Personally, we feel better about it, but also we recoup it by energy efficient systems, that use less energy," said Hildebrand.

The green elements literally go from floor to ceiling.

"We started with the floors, they are natural concrete. No staining, just buffing them. Moving up to our countertops and our desks, they are made of recycled materials," said Hildebrand.

The office is paperless, staff uses low energy computers, sensored lights and faucets are used in each room and the glass doors are made of recycled glass.

Office furniture is 83 percent recyclable and even the paint on the walls is made from natural products. "You could actually eat the paint. It is so organic, they tout it as edible paint," said Hildebrand. Even the artwork is recycled from scrap yards.

Environmentally- conscious patients, like Brianna Pacheco say they appreciate the office's green elements.

"Usually you go to a doctor's office and you fill out paper work, everything's done on a touch screen, so it's completely paperless, which is nice," said Pacheco.

Pacheco rides DART to her dentist appointment. Pure Dental gives all patients a five percent discount for riding DART.

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