Bringing a Retail ‘Renaissance’ to Fort Worth

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Moriah Real Estate/Lockard

The commercial real estate market still hasn't been revitalized after last year's recession, so it's a stretch to think a new retail development is promised sure success when businesses have so many options to move into.

Enter the big betters -- Moriah Real Estate and Lockard Development. Their plan for a 67 acre shopping center on the corner of East Berry and Vaughn is hoping for a retail "Renaissance." In fact, they're calling the project "Renaissance Square."

Like many modern shopping centers, Renaissance Square plans to feature everything from grocery stores to sit down eateries, pet stores to clothing, and other neighborhood services.

Though construction won't begin until April, the developers say they've already been working.

“The past six months have been busy as we have secured additional ground around the site for highway signage, completed the zoning modifications, worked with TXDOT and the City on improvements to the Berry/287 interchange, and started filling out our tenant lineup.  This is one of the few new retail projects in the country right now,” Robert Smith, Jr., President of Lockard Companies said in a press release.  “This area of Fort Worth is desperate for retail services, and we are excited to work with Moriah and the City of Fort Worth to make it happen.”

“The residents of Southeast Fort Worth have been waiting years for a shopping destination in their neighborhood,” said Alfred Branch, President of Moriah Real Estate Company.  “Retailers are lining up for this project in spite of the national economy, and we are confident that we can deliver a quality development that will be a boon to the area, not only in terms of capital investment, but in job creation as well.  We are grateful for the cooperation from the City of Fort Worth, and look forward to working closely with them as this new shopping destination takes shape.”

The center is expected to be completed in late 2011. The developers have set up a site to follow progress on the project at

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