Bret Michaels Ticked At The Tonys

Bret Michaels ain't lookin' for nothin' but a good explanation.
The Poison frontman says he's "trying to remain very positive and somewhat humorous" about the mishap that left him with a broken nose and busted lip at the Tony awards Sunday night. But he expressed dismay that show organizers didn't show more concern for him at the time.
The rocker released a rambling, self-effacing and laugh-out-loud funny statement Thursday night, spelling out the night in painful detail: how he was clocked in the head, how he regrets the attention it attracted and how he wishes he had made the after-parties.
Michaels said he was honored to perform, and "even though I was completely out of my element I was really enjoying myself prior to my injury. In fact all involved at the awards show treated me good."
But everything after his opening performance at Radio City Music Hall was "a little blurry."
Michaels had just finished singing Poison's hit song "Nothin' But a Good Time" and turned around to leave the stage when a descending set piece clocked him squarely in the face and knocked him down. Publicist Joann Mignano says Michaels fractured his nose and had to get three stitches in his lip.
"In hindsight, there is no doubt I got my bell rung," he writes, continuing: "unfortunately it has been posted and perhaps funny to watch, but I can assure you it has been painful to experience."
He says in his dazed state he recalled "staring at what seemed to be Shrek, a talking goat head and several monkey-like creatures."
Michaels says he doesn't blame anyone for the accident, but found it "a little strange" when he heard it was said that he had "missed his mark" and was doing fine -- when he'd never been warned about the set piece and his condition wasn't known until much later.
He regrets that the incident took attention away from "the actors and actresses who put in so much time and hard work on or off Broadway to get to the Tonys. This is their moment and I am sorry that some of it may have gotten overshadowed by my thick rocker cranium being struck by a stage prop."
The statement thanks everyone from band members to Liza Minnelli for checking on him in the dressing room to the "Good Lord" for giving him "a thick skull."
He signed off as "Broadway Bret Michaels."

What the El!?! Editorial:

I have to tell you the part of the
story in People that made me laugh is thinking of what it's like to get knocked out for a second and come to and see Shrek and the talking donkey in your face. That had to be surreal!

Glad he's doing better, but I'm with him, unnecessary for the Tony people to say he missed his mark if he was never given a mark. And everyone knows he wears that cowboy hat, you had to know he wasn't going to be able to see in his peripheral vision that the screen above him was coming down… I'm sure he would have ran if you told him how it was going to happen!

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