Boy Hides, Calls 911 When Men Break Into Home

Police catch men red-handed thanks to quick-thinking child.

Two would-be burglars were caught red-handed by the Fort Worth police thanks to a quick-thinking 9-year-old boy.

Home on Thanksgiving break and watching cartoons in his parent's bedroom, Johnny Frias heard a banging sound coming from another room. Frias mother had just stepped out to run to the grocery store. Frias thought it was a cat, but as the banging continued and got louder he grew more concerned. 

The banging then turned into the sound of breaking glass.

Frias said he got scared, locked himself in his parent's bedroom and immediately called 911.

"I thought that something bad was gonna happen, so I just kept staying still and I didn't know what to do," said Frias. "I was all scared -- I was all shaky."

Frias talked with a 911 operator for nearly 8 minutes, who assured him that police officers were on the way and that in the meantime he should stay in the bedroom and remain quiet.

When officers arrived, one of the men ran out of the back door and was caught by police a short time later.  The second man was found hiding inside the home in a closet. 

Both men, 22-year-old Serjio Perez and 18-year-old Gary Deleon, were arrested by Fort Worth police officers and were found in possession of the Frias' personal property, police said.

Perez and Deleon face burglary charges and are currently being held in the Mansfield jail.

After the arrest, Frias said he learned to call 9-1-1 from watching TV.

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