Bobby Flay is Impossible to Shop For

The Feast asked star-chef Bobby Flay what he wants this holiday season, and it took him a ridiculously long time to come up with an answer. (We weren't sure if he was racking his brains for an idea, or if he was suffering a bout of narcolepsy.) He finally settled on this: "A brand new pizza oven for my house," he blurted. Since we're sure Flay wants nothing but the best, we think a handmade brick oven by Uno Forno would fit the bill (ballpark cost is $10-$15k). Constructed by famed Neapolitan builder Stefano Ferraro, these authentic ovens are used by the likes of Una Pizza Napoletano in San Francisco, Brooklyn's Paulie Gee's, Manhattan's Donatella Arpaia and Il Cane Rosso in Dallas (coming soon). [The Feast]

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