Because You Love It: Buli


Buli is making food fun. The coffeehouse, gelato shop and café rolled into one has tongue-in-cheek names for some of its menu items.

“We have our Butt-shrinking coolies, those are our frozen drinks. We call them 'butt-shrinking' because they’re sugar-free,” owner Scott Whittall said.

He also mentioned another popular drink sure to illicit snickers over lunch.

“Our Screaming Queen, or 'Redeye,' as a lot of people call it, is our bold blend coffee with two shots of espresso in it … and that will make you a ‘screaming queen’ real quick!" he said.

Gooey, warm paninis such as the ‘Muffleretta’ are served in an open lunchbox complete with a deli pickle, chips and a side of fruit. It’s a grownup lunch for adults who want to feed the kid within.

But it’s Buli’s eclectic environment that leaves a lasting impression … even on first-timers.

“I feel like I’m not necessarily in another country but just in a different atmosphere … like Chicago or something,” diner Naomi Hudson said after her first visit to Buli.

Repeat customers often cite Buli’s atmosphere as the main reason they stop in.

“The people that come here are very open and friendly. You can go into a regular chain coffeeshop, and you’re kind of on your own in the shop, and you come here, and you always have friends. It’s very welcoming,” Buli regular Dan Flynn said.

This sidewalk bistro doubles as an art gallery of sorts where local artists can show their work.

“This is a great place for any artist because you get a broad range of people -- not everyone who comes in here is your stereotypical person,” curator Robb Conover said.

Want to recreate one of Buli’s signature Paninis? Gourmet Yourself and press it out!

Buli Café
3908 Cedar Springs
Dallas, Texas

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