Be Merry, But in Moderation

Police will be looking for holidays revelers who've partied too hard


Local police departments will be out looking for holiday revelers who have partied too hard.

Starting this weekend, local police departments in cities such as Grand Prairie, Arlington and Irving will more extra officers on the street to keep the roads clear of drunken drivers.

"The holidays are something we want to see everybody enjoy," said Grand Prairie police Sgt. Eric Hansen.

Holiday enforcement will last through New Year's Day.

Susie Priori was buying alcohol to use in cookies, cakes and drinks at Pogos Wine and Spirits in Dallas. She said it all part of a holiday tradition.

"I'm going around being a Christmas elf, dropping off cookies and goodies, and unfortunately, I need to have a lot of alcoholic beverages to mix into some of them," she said. "I think that adds to the holiday spirit to have spiked things."

She said party hosts should keep an eye on their guests.

"It's the responsibility of the person pouring," she said. "So one of the things I usually do is make sure everybody has lots of water. At some point, if you realize someone's overdone it, you need to just take them home."

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