Barbec's In The Biscuitplex

Beer adds sweet taste to signature goodies

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a serious contender when it comes to the big leagues of delectable biscuits.

And when it comes to making the best biscuits, Barbec’s is holding down the fluffy, flaky fort.

“You can’t find them anywhere else in Dallas. There’s nothing like ‘em,” regular Karen Fahey said.

Successful actors (sorry, we promised not to divulge who) have heard about Barbec’s beer biscuits from as far away as New York City, and pro-athletes who grew up enjoying them have re-visited the East Dallas dive for more in adulthood.

After one bite it’s easy to understand all the hoopla. Barbec’s biscuits are buttery, warm and the beer used gives them a sweeter taste than your average savory breakfast biscuit.

“These are not biscuits, they’re white cake,” Barbec’s regular Joe Houghawout said between bites.

Barbec’s offers more than biscuits though. The restaurant’s Veno Bueno omelet, a three egg omelet stuffed with diced ham, sautéed onions, American cheese, cheddar cheese and hash browns topped with house made spicy salsa -- is popular.

The original omelet ‘with a kick’ is made from spicy sausage, cheese and salsa. Deep fried pork chops smothered in gravy, bacon, eggs, hash browns, French toast and pancakes round out the typic breakfast dishes served.

In true old skool form, Barbec's only accepts cash.

8949 Garland Rd
Dallas, Texas 75218

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