Attention America: Take Off Your Pants

Don't pack your pants if you're traveling: the 8th annual No-Pants Subway Ride begins Saturday.

New York-based collective Improv Everywhere - creators of "scenes of chaos and joy in public places" - is holding its 8th Annual No-Pants Subway Ride in Manhattan tomorrow, and this year 23 other cities worldwide will be organizing pantsless happenings of their own.

In case you've never heard of the No-Pants Subway Ride, it's a very peaceful event where a bunch of people enter a train, pretend not to know each other, and at a designated time, all remove their pants, causing instant delight among all riders (and, in 2006, blustery befuddlement among the NYPD, who cited the merry pranksters for disturbing the peace).

So if you live in or are traveling to Atlanta, Denver, DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, or the Twin Cities (or New York, where it all began), you pretty much know what you're doing tomorrow. You're taking off your pants.

Find your city -- and lots more No-Pants info, including video of the 2008 event -- at

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