Armstrong Still Coy on Publishing Test Results

Lance Armstrong says he will keep his promise to disclose the results of doping tests he faces in his cycling comeback, but didn't say when or how they will be released.

Armstrong, 37, has been tested once by Australian doping authorities and "on average" once every three days by agents of his self-imposed program since his arrival in Australia for the Tour Down Under, his first professional stage race in three years.

The seven-time Tour de France champion, who has never tested positive for a banned substance in a sport often tainted by doping offenses, on Wednesday put caveats on how much information he would publicly reveal.

Armstrong promised before the Tour Down Under that results of the testing carried out on his behalf by Don Catlin, an American anti-doping scientist, would be published on a Web site "accessible to anyone and everyone."

But on Wednesday he said he was uncertain how much would be published, using the example of blood cell counts.

"I mean, what do you publish?" Armstrong said. "(Do) you start publishing blood values? After the race, I saw online that Ivan Basso is publishing his blood values and if you notice you'll see he's 45, 44, 43, 41.

"For example, and I'm just hypothetically saying, you go to (a high) altitude for a month and all of a sudden it goes to 46. Not everyone in this room is going to say 'it went from 41 to 46, you must have cheated' but someone is going to say, a few of you guys and gals are going to say, 'that's not normal'."

Armstrong indicated he would be reluctant to publish readings of blood tests which might be affected by sickness, dehydration or altitude -- which could be misinterpreted.

"So you think, well, do you publish that?" he said. "Then you open yourself up to all this other criticism. But I don't think it would be accurate to say we're not going to publish."

"I would rely a lot on what Don Catlin wants to publish but we'll definitely publish data and information."

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