Are These Really the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas?

It's pretty unfair to have a list of just ten beautiful women in Dallas.

You're leaving out all of Tarrant county's beautiful gals, Collin county's hot soccer moms, and Denton county's good lookers, just to name the counties I remember going ga-ga over some hottie in.

Never-the-less, when D Beauty's contest first began it included my favorite Dallas beauty - chef Casey Thompson. I can only assume that since she's moved from big D, she's out of the running.

So the ten "most beautiful women in Dallas" have been picked..but I'll admit I only knew one of them before this article.

See if you know more of them, and if you agree with their picks by clicking here to read the article.

Feel free to come back and nominate your own hottie when you're done.

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