Angry Cowboy Fans Call for Heads to Roll

Lopsided loss to Eagles ends Cowboys' season

After watching the Philadelphia Eagles crush the Dallas Cowboys 44-6, some embarrassed Cowboys' fans are calling for a shakeup before next season.

"I have nothing good to say about them right now, nothing!" said one angry fan who had gone to Franky's Sports Bar on McKinney Avenue to root on the Cowboys.

As it turned out, he and other fans had nothing to cheer about.

"The Cowboys suck," said one woman, wearing a Cowboy's jersey.

Many blamed quarterback Tony Romo.

"Romo, he's gone, he chokes," said one man. "Every December, he's done."

"It's Jessica Simpson," said another fan. "He's spending too much time with her."

Others said coach Wade Phillips failed to keep the team focused and seemed powerless to stop mid-season bickering among teammates.

"Romo and Wade Phillips, I think it's the end of the line," one fan said.

Owner Jerry Jones has indicated he fully supports Phillips and other coaches and plans no changes.

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