Anejo Mixes Tex-Mex With Vegas Swagger

Tex-Mex is strutting a new style. Anejo House of Tequila in North Richland Hills likes to serve an experience as much as it does its food.

“We like to call it Tex-Mex with a Vegas swagger,” says Anejo’s Operations Manager Jorge Pulido.

The owner explains how Anejo House of Tequila in North Richland Hills isn’t your usual Mexican restaurant.

“If you come to Anejo you can’t really expect to see mariachi music, you can’t expect to see any sombreros on the walls, but what you can expect is a great atmosphere” says Anejo's Brian Paul who is proud his patio is just as popular as sitting inside.

“The patio is definitely what’s pushed us over the top here. As soon as the warm weather comes, around even when it’s 50 degrees sometimes this patio is packed,” adds Paul.

“I was amazed because it’s kind of tucked away back here and when I realized it was here and the I saw how beautiful everything was with the lights and the trees and the fire pit and everything. I was just amazed” says diner Jamie Ford who frequents Anejo with her family.

The patio out here isn’t just for dining. It also helps showcase local artists.

“The live music that we have is anything from cover bands to blues to jazz,” explains Pulido.

“It’s so fun to hang out here and just have a good time with family and friends,” adds Ford.

And if you care for a different buzz, Anejo's also offers more than 80 tequilas ranging from $10 to $110.

In addition, for those who want a meal, Anejo serves gourmet Tex-Mex. One of the most popular dishes includes bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jumbo shrimp. Another favorite is the Mahi Mahi.

“It’s an awesome place -- look at the patio. Great atmosphere, everybody has a good time. Great drink specials, food’s phenomenal, it’s a really nice place,” explains diner Marc Marx.

“The food is awesome. I love the food,” says Ford.

If you were wondering about the name, it has a story too.

“I had a bottle of tequila sitting out and I was looking at it and I saw the word Anejo and I went Anejo? Anejo. It’s short. It’s sweet and the next thing to find out was exactly what the meaning of Anejo was," Paul tells us. “We found out it meant classic, aged or vintage and we went with it."

Anejo is family-owned and Paul says the he has plans to build more. “People seem to be finding out about us in a rather quick way and we’re very thankful for it.”

Anejo House of Tequila
9159 Boulevard 26
North Richland Hills, TX
(817) 485-9900

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