ALDI: What's in a Name?

ALDI's "select brands" are pure grocery store gold

They had us at Honey Puffs.

Offering “honest to goodness savings,” discount grocer ALDI has recently invaded North Texas with stores from Fort Worth to Rockwall and everywhere in between.  In fact, the chain is going strong across the country with over 1,000 locations in 31 states, all stocked with bargain-priced kitchen staples, produce and meats.

Thing is, you’ll rarely find a name brand at ALDI.  In fact, nearly 95 percent of the goods in-store are ALDI “select brands.”  From what we can see, that’s a nicer way of saying “store brands.” 

Not that there’s anything wrong with ‘em.  In fact, they’re what makes ALDI grocery store gold.

Forget ho-hum black-and-white boxes printed with generic names like “Food Club” or “Best Value.”  ALDI goes out of its way to make their house brand products seem authentic or playful or otherwise interesting. 

Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it’s weird.

Which brings us to those Honey Puffs.  Take our tour through ALDI and check out some of our favorite “select brand” finds – they’re cheap, they’re tasty and they’re fun.

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