2008's Closings Outweigh 2009 Planned Openings

Two lists collected by Guidelive show the 2009 planned restaurant openings and the many more that shuttered in 2008.

Guidelive's 2009 opening list (click here to read) show roughly 24 restaurants that plan to join the Metroplex's dining scene, but it's really a minor list compared to the list of 2008 closings. (click here to read the closing list)

The grim fact is that the economic decline causes huge problems for many of these bold restaurants trying to open in 2009, especially with trends showing fewer people are eating out due to reduced incomes.

Eateries that have stuck through the 2008 gloom and doom aren't going to have a happy new year unless they adapt to the economic climate and fill niches, as the Dallas Morning News put a face on in this article: New Dallas-area restaurants adapt after 2008 almost ate their lunch.

Did one of your favorite dining spots bite the big one in 2008? Tell us in the comments.

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