1/7: Stomp and Shout

HONKY TONK IMMORTAL: Get your rowdy faces on, Derailers fans. The band is recording a live album at our beloved Dan's Silverleaf. You'll want to buy tickets ahead of time just in case; they're still just $7.50, and your Bakersfield country stompin' and shoutin' will go down in the annals of aural history. 10PM.

CLEARER CHANNEL: Okay, The Edge local show, you've got our attention. Tonight's gig hosted by Mark and company, in which Spooky Folk, Seryn, Jacob Metcalf and Baruch, The Scribe will ooze the earnestness of a thousand late Pavement discoverers and harmonizing boys choirs, is one of the freshest Denton-boasting bills to hit Dallas in a year. Best part: the show's free. Trees, 7PM.

SNARKY FOLK: Sirius XM pseudo-celeb Ken Turetzky plays the anti-folk version of acoustic comedy. Think good ol' boy meets the Moldy Peaches, and you'll have an idea of what to expect. Hear his set pettered with four-letter words at Half Price Books on Northwest Highway, 7PM.

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