North Texas Bakeries Busy Filling ‘Rosca de Reyes' Orders

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While it doesn't get the same fanfare as Christmas for many the Ephiphany or "Día de los Reyes Magos" (Three Kings Day) is every bit as special for many who celebrate the Jan. 6 holiday.

"Traditionally it has been more of a Hispanic custom and in the last few years it has really expanded, we've had other cultures that want to celebrate, you know it's a fun thing to do," said Sally Venegas, owner of Marquez Bakery.

Marquez Bakery in Arlington has been making Roscas for more than 30 years, and by 9 a.m. on Jan. 6 they were completely sold out.

Those who believe, pay homage to the Three Wise Men who traveled for 12 days to give gifts to Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.

It is a tradition in Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean as well as among Latinos in the United States.

Rosca de Reyes is a special bread with fruit and sugar that comes in the shape of a crown. Inside the cake, a baby Jesus doll is hidden, whoever finds it is believed to receive good luck -- but it also signs you up to throw a party.

Roscas come in a variety of sizes, one of the biggest, if not largest Roscas in North Texas was made in Arlington, stretching across two tables ready to be enjoyed by many.

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