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The Eagle Lands: Inflatable Sculpture Highlights Public Art



    The Eagle Lands: Inflatable Sculpture Highlights Public Art
    Devon Nowlin
    Onlookers gaze at The Eagle Has Landed in Fort Worth.

    Keep an eye out for a big, red-orange inflatable balloon in Fort Worth this week.

    The balloon is a replica of a sculpture called The Eagle. Alexander Calder's six-ton steel eagle once stood on Throckmorton Street in Downtown Fort Worth in front of what is now The Tower.

    In 1999, The Eagle took flight and eventually landed at the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park.

    The absence of The Eagle ultimately led to the creation of Fort Worth Public Art and a push to raise awareness of the value of art in public places.

    A group of artists and creatives called HOMECOMING! want to reignite community discussion about public art and chose The Eagle Has Landed as its current project.

    "We want to raise awareness about public art and the need to continue implementing the program," said Devon Nowlin, an artist and founding member of the HOMECOMING! committee.

    Its latest project, The Eagle Has Landed, is a weeklong, citywide event. Starting Sunday, Feb. 23, the inflatable eagle will pop up in spots north, south, east and west of downtown.

    The first eagle sighting was Sunday afternoon in front of the Moudy Building at Texas Christian University and in nearby Bluebonnet Circle.

    Monday, The Eagle landed in the Riverside Arts District on Race Street during lunch time.

    Its final landing will be in Burnett Park, 698 W. 7th Street, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 28.

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