‘The Culture of Entrepreneurship' Dallas-Based COSIGN Awards Goes on Tour in 2023– Miami, Houston, Atlanta

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Dallas Based media tech company will be expanding to other markets in 2023.

This year, COSIGN will travel to Houston, Miami and Atlanta for the annual COSIGN Awards Gala. The gala is a fundraising event that honors and celebrates multicultural entrepreneurs, executives, educators and influencers/creators who are making a difference in their community.

COSIGN is a Black-Owned tech-enabled media company based in Dallas, Texas. While combining the relationship between the culture and entrepreneurship, they have a multi-platform network that produces original programming across podcasts, web shows, workshops, event experiences, and virtual programming.

"We think of it like the financial terms, when you're trying to get a car or a house, some people may need a cosigner to get a loan, it's like a stamp of approval saying that this person can pay back this loan. So when it comes to business, entrepreneurship in our culture, we want to be that stamp of approval, that cosign, like to vouch for other entrepreneurs and business owners," said the founder of COSIGN Kurtis "KG" Graham.

The first award show was in 2017, and since then, COSIGN has raised thousands of dollars and provided resources to help and support minority-owned businesses.

Photos From 2022 Annual COSIGN Awards

"When I first started, we were just kind of helping artists and didn't realize it was a void in people starting businesses and becoming their own bosses. So we focused more on entrepreneurship-- and in a short time, we managed to partner with you know, financial institutions and banks to provide not only resources and capital," said Graham. "So even to be able to to provide grants for $10,000 to small business owners and them tell us and email us about how that grant helped them, you know, make payroll or you know, turn the lights on for a couple more months, or they were able to pay their rent and mortgage."

I think that's what really shows the impact that we're doing at COSIGN and really supporting other entrepreneurs, because, you know, I faced it myself. So by people helping me, I want to be that same resource to help them as well, said Graham.

COSIGN started and has continued its mission to connect brands to communities and communities to necessary information and resources.

We find ourselves meeting a lot of people who have so much talent, but don't have the resources to making those connections or being introduced, or being put in the same room. And that's the best part about COSIGN.

Operations Manager Subrina "Sukii" Moreno

COSIGN also has a Financial Literacy program called “Relationships With Money.” It is a four-week program designed to equip individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and communities with the knowledge and tools to make sound decisions regarding their short, and long-term financial goals.

They also have a magazine that features in-depth business articles, exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, lifestyle content and insights on startups all over the world as well as support several non-profits and are currently looking for a mental health non-profit organization to support.

What to expect at the COSIGN Awards Gala Includes:

  • VIP Cocktail Hour
  • Open Bar
  • Hors D’Oeuvres
  • Multiple Brand Activations
  • 360 Photo Booth
  • Red Carpet
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Celebrity Guests
  • Live DJ
  • VIP Suite
  • Awards Presentation
  • Live Interviews
  • Marketplace To Shop w/ Local Vendors
  • Live Entertainment

For more information on how to get involved or support, visit the webite.

Mike Ortiz contributed to this report.

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