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Will Trauma Be Unplugged From Life Support?

San Francisco-shot show may be too costly to produce



    Will Trauma Be Unplugged From Life Support?
    Tom Hilton
    San Francisco's love for its own fanciful depiction probably won't be enough to save Trauma from network accountants.

    It was a rare breath of life for the moribund San Francisco film production scene.

    But after cancelling further production of Southland, Trauma may be the next patient recommended for euthanasia by the television executive death panel.

    At least, that's the latest rumor circulated by notorious Hollywood gossip Nikki Finke, who pegs the show's production cost at $3 million per episode.

    San Francisco is a beautiful location for any production, but an expensive one -- while the city has moved to improve tax givebacks, required fees for police protection have certainly ballooned budgets.

    That means local blogs like SFist may not have emergency medical technician procedurals and cameos by Jennifer Siebel-Newsom to liveblog anymore.

    The good news is that there is plenty of actual trauma drama in San Francisco available on blogs like The Happy Medic and Emergency in SF on Twitter.

    Photo by Tom Hilton.

    Jackson West has to admit he hasn't even bothered to tune into Trauma on Hulu.