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Being diagnosed with a serious illness can be overwhelming and isolating, but witnessing others navigate those challenges and lead fulfilling lives can motivate and inspire patients while signaling that they are not alone in their health journeys. That’s where FIXING US comes in.

We follow the individual health journeys of our patients and we meet their family, friends and healthcare teams who helped put them on the path to success.  Fixing Us inspires viewers to take control of their health and wellbeing to lead better, happier, and healthier lives.

Episode 3: Meet Mark. Mark DeBerardinis had many plans for his retirement but navigating a life-threatening diagnosis wasn’t on the list. After learning that he had Type 2 Diabetes and early-stage heart disease, the same conditions that cut his father and brother’s lives short, he decided to make some changes.
Episode 2: Meet Ben. Learning that he had Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes brought Ben Dash closer to his family and community than ever before.
Episode 1: Meet Chanteé. After dedicating her life to helping others as a home healthcare worker, a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis upended Chanteé Elliott-Davis’ life during the pandemic.
Our health impacts not only us, but those we love. Watch how Dexcom Warrior: Harrel Connor—a Type 2 diabetic—took control of his health for the better! For more inspiring stories, watch FIXING US Saturdays on NBC.

FIXING US begins airing on September 10th through October 2nd (times may vary by market; check local listings.)

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