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Britney Spears Says Father Jamie Is ‘Ruining' Her Life, Wants Him Charged With ‘Conservatorship Abuse'

Britney told the court that every part of her life has been controlled, down to her diet

Britney Spears continues to plead with a judge to have her father removed as her conservator.

During a court hearing on Wednesday, July 14, where E! News was present, the singer broke down in tears while testifying that she was "extremely scared" of Jamie Spears.

"I'm here to get rid of my dad and charge him with conservatorship abuse," she told the court. "I want him investigated... This conservatorship has allowed my dad to ruin my life."

Britney told the court that every part of her life has been controlled, down to her diet, and that she worked 70 hours a week. "That's more than a regular job," she testified. "Their goal was to make me feel crazy and I'm not and that's not OK."

The Grammy winner also testified about a time when Jamie allegedly took her driver's license away for eight months due to a speeding warning that wasn't an actual ticket. "I want to get my dad removed," Britney told the court while appearing via phone. "My dad is ruining my life."

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Getting out of a conservatorship isn't usually difficult for someone who can speak for themselves and explain how and why they should be released. Fox Rothschild partner Sarah J. Wentz talks about how almost nothing in the Britney Spears conservatorship case is like what she has seen before.

E! News has reached out to Jamie's attorney Vivian Lee Thoreen for comment on Britney's latest testimony. During today's hearing, Thoreen told a judge her client would not be resigning and Britney's testimony includes some "misstatements" that warrant analysis or investigation.

After the singer first had the chance to speak on June 23, an attorney shared a statement on behalf of Jamie. "Mr. Spears is sorry to see his daughter suffering and in so much pain," the statement read. "Mr. Spears loves his daughter and misses her very much."

Just last month, Britney's father requested further investigation into the conservatorship to get to the truth behind the allegations Britney made during her testimony.

"[Jamie] would love nothing more than to see Britney not need a conservatorship," his attorney previously told CNN. "Whether or not there is an end to the conservatorship really depends on Britney. If she wants to end her conservatorship, she can file a petition to end it."

Thoreen added, "Jamie is not suggesting that he is the perfect dad or that he would receive any 'Father of the Year' award. Like any parent, he doesn't always see eye-to-eye on what Britney may want. But Jamie believes every single decision he has made has been in her best interest."

During today's court hearing, Britney secured a small victory when a judge granted the 39-year-old performer the power to choose her own lawyer. Ever since she was first placed under a conservatorship in 2008, Britney has been represented by a court-appointed attorney named Sam Ingham. He asked to resign earlier this month.

At the hearing, Britney asked the judge for permission to hire former federal prosecutor Mathew Rosengart as her private attorney. The judge approved her request and confirmed Ingham's resignation.

The next court hearing is scheduled for September 29.

Additional reporting by Sophia Ghadoushi

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