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Manhattan Madam: Oscar Winner Abused Call Girls

Oscar-winning singer accused of sexually assaulting 11 women



    Manhattan Madam: Oscar Winner Abused Call Girls
    Kristin Davis said the Oscar-winner messed with her girls -- and she put a stop to it.

    Accused rapist and Oscar-winning songwriter Joseph Brooks may have messed with Kristin's girls too.

    Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis says the man responsible for writing "You Light Up My Life," and who allegedly raped 11 women, would routinely shell out up to $1,500 an hour for visits with high-end prostitutes.

    He was a nasty john too, said Davis, the buxom blond ex-head of a prostitution ring that, she has said, boasted high profile clients like Eliot Spitzer, Bernie Madoff, and Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez.

    "[Brooks] started out as a normal client," Davis told the New York Daily News. "But, as his cocaine abuse progressed, he became abusive. He always wanted the youngest girls and often rejected the women I sent him. He'd also take their cell phones and refuse to let them call me. They'd come back from an appointment with him in tears."

    Cops accuse Brooks of luring young actresses and models to his apartment with the promise of appearing in one of his films, then drugging and assaulting the women. On Tuesday, he'll have his day in court. 

    Davis told the News that Brooks would give scripts to her prostitutes too in the hopes of convincing them to have unprotected sex with him. Eventually, Davis banned the 71-year-old from the call-girl ring and posted warnings about Brooks on Craigslist, she said.

    Brooks' lawyer Jeff Hoffman said he could not respond to Davis' charges because the director's memory has been damaged since he suffered a stroke in April.

    "He does say he wasn't an abuser of alcohol or narcotics - so far as he can remember," Hoffman told the News.