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Michael Irvin Calls New Reality Show "My Ministry"



    Michael Irvin Calls New Reality Show "My Ministry"
    Michael Irvin and James Chippendale talk reality tv in the Last Call.

    He has already conquered the football field and has three Super Bowl rings to prove it. He's tackled radio, books and film. But reality television?

    That's exactly what Dallas Cowboys great and NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin is doing with his brand-new show, "4th and Long."

    "Fourth and Long is my dream and my vision," said Irvin. 

    The show features six wide receivers and six defensive backs fighting for a roster spot on the Dallas Cowboys.

    Last Call With Michael Irvin

    [DFW] Last Call With Michael Irvin
    Dallas Cowboys great Michael Irvin on reality tv, the Cowboys and living in North Texas. (Still Images Courtesy Getty Images)
    (Published Thursday, July 8, 2010)

    It was filmed at the Cotton Bowl, the original home of the Dallas Cowboys.

    "I can speak about the Cowboys, because that is the only team I've ever played for," said Irvin. "I can tell them what it takes to make the Cowboys. It's the only team I played for. And I can tell them what they should do to become a Cowboy and what it means to be a Cowboy."

    Irvin is joined in the show by former Cowboys All-Pro Bill Bates and former coach Joe Avezzano, but the concept was all Irvin's.

    "Even now, I'm living the dream. How many people get to do what I'm doing here? My first career was incredible," said Irvin. "And after I left the game of football, I'm doing this. I'm doing TV. I'm creating. I call '4th and Long' my ministry." 

    "4th and Long"  premieres on Spike TV on Thursday, May 18, at 10 p.m.

    Irvin is also proud to have spent his entire professional football career with the Dallas Cowboys and calls owner and general manager Jerry Jones, a friend and mentor.

    "I thank God playing for Jerry Jones as long as I did and becoming a friend, a mentor, all of those things he has been to me," said Irvin. "Sometimes like a father and sometimes like a brother -- he gives me this opportunity; 'Oh, that is a great idea Michael, go make it happen.'"

    In fact, Jones makes several appearances in the show.

    Irvin also doesn't forget where he came from. After all, he grew up with 15 siblings, all fighting for attention and a chance at a good future.

    "I complained on the front end, but as I got older and understood,  I thanked my Mom and I thanked God on the back end," said Irvin. "Family and learning how to co-exist and co-mingle with all of these different personalities, and different people in one place -- I think that is the greatest thing my family gave me."

    Irvin said he had one pair of pants, a pair of corduroys, and a T-shirt taken from a girlfriend when he started at the University of Miami.

    And, despite some ups and downs, today he is living his dream.

    "I'm much better today than the day I walked on this field (football field) -- that's doing something with your life," said Irvin. "All of the issues that I have had and the bad decisions I've made off the field and the problems that I had off the field, this (4th and Long) gives me some kind of peace about it.  I went through that, that struggle, that tough time (and) the heartaches so I can teach here about what not to do." 

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