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Turns Out Napoli Still Gets Up for Angels



    Yeah, we get it, Mike Napoli. You really don't like the Los Angeles Angels, you know that team and manager that gave up on you and said you were finished following the 2010 season?

    Yeah, we know you like mashing their stud pitchers, and we love it.

    Napoli continued his vicious tear against his former team on Sunday night after not seeing the field on Sunday afternoon in the first game of the teams' split doubleheader. The Rangers were as desperate as they've been in years for a regular-season win on Sunday night after the day game got away in ugly fashion, and Napoli did everything in his power to make that sure that happened.

    Napoli homered in his first two at-bats and hit about the furthest double you can in Rangers Ballpark in his third, finishing his night with six RBIs, putting a dagger in the chest of his former team much like he did in the final series of the year last season. Now, he's just waiting for King Felix and the Seattle Mariners to twist it tonight.

    A look at Napoli's numbers against his former team make you realize just how much he gets up to square off against his former mates.

    This season? Napoli has hit .442 with a .567 slugging percentage and a .904 OPS against the Angels, slugging six home runs, more walks than strikeouts and has gone for extra bases on 11 of his 23 hits.

    For his career, he is hitting .396 in 33 career games with 10 doubles, a triple, 12 homers, 25 runs and 25 RBIs.

    So there you go, Mike. Now, let's try to drum up some reason to hate the A's.