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Old Faces Loitering Around Rangers Ballpark



    The posters of some former Rangers are still hanging around Rangers Ballpark in Arlington -- is it time for them to go? (Published Monday, Feb. 18, 2013)

    Texas Rangers' Spring Training is in full swing in Surprise, Ariz. It's a new year and a new team but some old faces are still loitering around Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

    During the offseason, fan favorite Josh Hamilton signed with Anaheim, Mike Napoli with Boston and Michael Young was traded to Philadelphia. Yet, each continue to remind us of their time in North Texas as their posters still hang proudly around the parking lots at the ballpark.

    Rangers fans have mixed feelings about whether the posters should go or stay.

    “They worked hard for us. I love to see them still here. They did a good job. I don't want to see them go away,” said Shawn Devlin, a Rangers fan.

    “I think they should probably come down only so that the new players coming in will feel welcome,” said Krystal Green, another fan.

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    “Instead of us idolizing people who are no longer here, maybe we can welcome some of these new players with new signs,” added Green.

    “I love to see those guys, good memories,” said another Rangers fan outside the Ballpark.

    Longtime fan Mark Mourer had a suggestion of what to do with the posters that make up parking lot signs and banners that line the streets outside the stadium.

    “Maybe it's put a year or the years they played here [on the poster],” suggested Mourer. “All those players, if they're not here now, were a huge part of what we're still building on today.”

    Mourer said what's being built today wouldn't be possible without the foundation that was laid yesterday. It's about history and you can't tell the story of the Texas Rangers without the all guys who wore the uniform.

    “My daughters grew up watching with me, Josh [Hamilton] and certainly Michael Young, these guys who have been a pivotal part of the Rangers for a long time so it doesn't bother me in the least and I celebrate the heritage.”

    The Rangers have not said if or when they plan to remove or replace the existing images of the former Ranger players.