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NickToons Characters Invade Rangers Lineup



    Have you ever wondered how SpongeBob SquarePants might do when staring down a CJ Wilson fastball?  Or if Patrick could track down a Nellie Cruz line drive with those pointy feet of his?

    You'll soon be able to answer those questions for yourself with the release of 2K Play's Nicktoons MLB video game.

    The game allows fans to tweak the lineups, adding cartoon characters into the lineup of any of the 29 MLB clubs.  Then, play the game as you would any other console baseball game.

    From what we can tell from the screen shots, the graphics look pretty good and the game should be a great one for baseball fans young and old alike.   As long as the old timers don't mind pitching to Dudley Puppy instead of Albert Pujols.

    There was one curiousity though.  What is that big bell in left field at the Ballpark in Arlington? (click the picture to the right)

    Maybe a dinger to the bell results in a "ding" instead of the traditional fireworks ... or is that too obvious?

    The game is available Sept. 13 on XBox 360 with Kinect, Wii and Nintendo DS.