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MLBPA Director: Union Won't Pressure Hamilton In Free Agency

Michael Weiner said this week that the MLBPA won't pressure Josh Hamilton to sign with the highest bidder in free agency



    Josh Hamilton and the Texas Rangers seem content to play out the 2012 season before reconvening to negotiate a new deal, but when that day finally comes--hopefully later rather than sooner--MLB Players’ Association Director Michael Weiner says he won’t pressure Hamilton to take the highest offer given.

    Of course, the issue here is that Hamilton’s deal will affect other players’ paydays--and if he takes the biggest contract available, that will drive up the price for others, making it a good day for the players and the aforementioned association that represents them.

    We don’t discourage players from thinking that way,” Weiner said Tuesday, per the Dallas Morning News. “But ultimately, it’s up to a player to decide what he wants to do. If Josh Hamilton says ‘I don’t want to sign a contract of a certain type because it would negatively affect other players,’ that’s Josh’s call to make.”

    Hamilton has already publicly said that he doesn’t intend to give the Rangers any sort of discount when negotiations pick back up, but Weiner understands that more than just money factors into the ultimate decision.

    “It’s laudable that Josh understands that he benefitted from contracts that others had,” Weiner said. “We want to make sure players have thought out what’s best for them and their family. If they want to factor in the impact on fellow union members, they’re welcome to do it.”