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Cowboys Being Lapped By Rangers



    As a wee elementary school lad when Nolan Ryan was brought to the Rangers back in the day, it's hard to remember the spectacle.

    It's also hard to imagine it being bigger than Friday's at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

    Yu Darvish was introduced at a Rangers press conference that was loaded with media folks from across the globe.

    Earlier in the week, the Cowboys held an impromptu press conference in their Valley Ranch locker room to introduce some new assistant coaches. There were a few cameras and plenty of room to roam around the locker room with a little podium in the middle of the room. On Friday, there were rows and rows of folks lined up in front of the huge podium with all the Rangers prominent figures at a table, on display for literally all of the world (baseball world, anyway) to see.

    The Darvish introductory press conference, with an on-field segment and all, was the latest in a string of events signifying the seismic shift in DFW sports fandom.

    The Cowboys have been a huge frustration for fans for nearly two full decades now. If it wasn't Texas and it wasn't America's Team, they'd be nothing more than the Detroit Lions right now.

    The Rangers are relevant and have elevated themselves into the discussion for baseball's most powerful franchises, right up there with the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

    On Friday, they made a global impact by bringing in the biggest superstar from the other side of the globe and introducing him to the American masses.

    And all of that brings us closer to the day that many Rangers, most notably Ian Kinsler, have dreamed of for quite some time — the day the Rangers pass the Cowboys in DFW sports relevance.