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Witten Confident Romo Will Return "Better and Stronger"

Tony Romo is probably done for the season after suffering a second collarbone fracture on Thanksgiving



    Witten Confident Romo Will Return "Better and Stronger"
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    In all likelihood, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be 36 years old by the time he takes another snap, and coming off not one, but two collarbone fractures in the span of just over two months.

    But Romo’s friend and teammate Jason Witten is confident Romo will bounce back in a big way.

    If I had to bet on anybody in this world, it’d be him,” Witten told the team's official website. “He’s going to come back better and stronger, and just the best player. He’s played at an elite level for a long time, and I think he’ll be more motivated now than ever to come back. That’s what he’s all about--both physically and mentally.”

    For now, the Cowboys will have to muddle through somehow without Romo. And while it’s far more likely that the light at the end of the tunnel this season will be a premium draft pick, and not a playoff spot, Witten said the team isn’t about to tank--not on purpose, anyway.

    “There’s too much fight, too much character on this team to be able to approach it that way,” he said. “Every opportunity to go out there on Sunday or Monday afternoon, evening--it’s an opportunity to play and show what you’re about. You would never do that.”